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„... his creative work is a unique case in art throughout Europe or maybe even the whole world". „What he accomplished is simply fantastic".

Art critic Arūnas Vyžintas

„An artist of a very distinctive talent. There are no such analogues in Lithuania. I also have not met anything like that in Europe. A powerful scope, epic works".

Graphics designer Edmundas Saladžius

„He allured an image of freedom - a bird, and as the legend tells us it opened to a human and got into „a brass tube" - a breaking, winnowing, crippling machine, but it remained loving, suffering, desiring to escape for a flight".

 Art critic Violeta Jasevičiūtė

"Nobody forges copper so skillfully and perfectly as R. Šulskis.  (...) In some of his compositions, by means of this technique, he was able to obtain not high relief any more, but round sculpture. As his former lecturer I am amazed by a creative swing, a distinctive attitude to life, a choice of unexpected symbols, mythological, alegoric themes, humorous and even ironic mood".

Professor J. Kėdainis